Reflection Mirror Like

Caught a glimpse of myself I think
Did a double back triple blink
Questioning myself as if answers validate
Pinching myself to authenticate
Was it déjà’ vu
Or was I looking at the rear view
Shaking my head into a dizzy spell
Searching my mind, swearing thoughts bail
Then I saw her again
Or did I see me through the rain
She looked right at me, or did she look beyond me
Hold up, wait…am I her history and she my upcoming
We both looked as if we seeing poltergeist
Being drawn to each other like magnets
Closer I get to me
Reaching my hand out to see if it’s real
She reaches her hand out besides
Unable to unfocus my attention, my eyes feel dry
I feel coldness on the tips of my fingers
Weird expressions different but I think it’s a mirror
Warmth consumes my skin
Marked out doubt she’s no twin
She speaks…stillness settles
Lips moving but nothing come out
I touched my lips, no movement but a pout
Sleep walking?
Eyes closed tight, thank you light
Acknowledging this as a reflection mirror like



Anonymous said…
hi to all www.soulfuleyez.comers this is my first post and thought i would say a big hello to yous -
speak soon

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