My morning

Good morning escapes from your little voice
Coming to snuggle under the blanket at the foot of the bed neatly placed
Milking in the last few moments before  rise and shine give God the glory
Awwhh Mom not the song
Up up and away I continue to say
Slowly dragging to begin his day
Oh but he races to beat me to prepare
Such competitiveness oh win I better not dare
Mommie you look beautiful
My son, you are too devon-aire
After finishing our compliments, thoughtful
Now riding to school you inform of at least 10 I don't know facts
I pretend to not know so your knowledge shines and stays on tack
You are my little light that continues to glow
Remembering your birth and how you persistently grow
Keeping you my baby as long as I can
I cherish my mornings  cause one day you will be a man



Anonymous said…
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TouchedByARose said…
This has got to be my favorite one so far....

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