What do we feel when the eyes stair and roll as the people we past by us either hate or despise us
Why can't we think that the eyes admire strength, inner beauty, and the ability to be what we want to be
The world stops for no one, revolves around no one, as we sit and wait and stair ourselves at the next one
How can we become so complacent not to think about the people less fortunate than yourself
What have you done to make the world a better place, really have you thought about it
Quick to point the finger at another brother from another mother, or a sister, whom you would rather dis-her
You should have been quick to congratulate and not hate
Which way should I turn which way should I go
My thick hips, lips, full face, and color of my skin won't stop me, but that wont stop them from talking about me
Do I care, no, I dare another one to step to me to stare to roll the eyes, when you wish you were me
Free to be free spirited, let my window down, let my hair blow in the wind, and let my soul feel the hands of the wind
Wrapped around me oh so gently, not from a man not from a woman, but from natures grace filled with in me


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