***Reader Asked for me to write on this topic, hope it is satisfying***
 More people than not can relate to “I’m single for the night”
But after all is all, most want someone to embrace…right?
Single is defined as an individual choosing to be separate from a pair
Free to do as one pleases and all convention seem just and fair
Never having anyone to answer to
Only responsible for oneself, liberated to just do
And BE!
Absolutely spending time with whomever and spending money only on the “me”
Go where the single please
Mingle, flirt at decisions with no commitments
But then back to the normal lonely, solitude and the loud silence
Singles have it made on certain days
Pairs have it made on certain days
All having their moments and prepositions
Occasionally envy shows in correlations
Single, you have not always been an individual choosing to be separate from a pair
Reasons, situations, planning, seasons causing some sort of despair
Understanding is the key when single and pair decides to fuse
Rules are rules, Single living with your own rules, Pair has another partner to muse
Pair has to be conscience of your feelings as well
Words and actions should be chosen wisely, or friendships begin to fail
Born into this world alone but instantly apart of a family
Pairs embrace your Singles whole heartily
Don’t leave them in limbo
Remember Pairs you once were a single



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