Simply Beautiful

Why can the word beautiful only be used in certain circumstances
I wake up to a beautiful face, a beautiful voice, a beautiful soul that loves dancing
He has a beautiful smile missing four of his front teeth
Can tell a joke with an old soul, and hold a conversation so deep
His words are clear and concise for his age and will make you wonder and think
Looking at him confused because of his age, yet his dialogue precise, a miniature geek
The word geek is used loosely based on his intelligence
His swag is on another level, confidence of a gentleman, his persona is not prevalent
I am referring to my six year old son!
Without a doubt he will most definitely go far, he has already won
God blessed me through him, with his beautiful attitude
His charisma, his eyes of calmness, his sarcastic humor but never rude
His manors, his gentleness, his big heart for a little growing one day “MAN”
He has been blessed with so many talents, his future is in God’s hand
I will forever encourage and nurture the beautiful blessing I birthed
From my all and soul I gave to him, and with all he is replacing so much hurt
I love him! I pray he gets all in life that is deserved, better I know
God is written all over his face, his blond hair looks like a Halo
My little treasure for now, tomorrow he will be the world’s
He is a mixture of Diamond, ruby and a pearl
Exquisite, my Simply Beautiful!

Dedicated to my son, Mommie loves you forever and beyond!


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