I am M.A.R.R.I.E.D,
Had to spell it, to make you believe it; I am married
Young, sophisticated, yes I am all woman
I am married, never in a million years did I think that word had so much behind it
M is for the mother in me
A means the arguments that have to be suffer through
Double R- sometimes regret, sometimes remorse
The I being for the one to do it all—superwoman, I being the strongest letter of them all, feel that Force
E*D- learning to become educated, not past tense, but for the rainy days which don’t make sense are a dozen
The good days seem few and in-between
No, married is not a bad thing. But it is what you grow to be
You give all of you to be that “ one” divine under God
Struggle…on a road called M*A*R*R*I*E*D
If you are…say with me…I am M*A*R*R*I*E*D
There is a static, when pronouncing the word.
Most think that word is cute or means you are grown…
Yes you have to be grown to be that word…
I vowed, I am, I will be M*A*R*R*I*E*D

This was originally wrote on 12.26.2007


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