Mother’s Gift

This is from me to you, Friend.

One day at a time
Give your heart the time
Your eyes are not dry 
That will take a lifetime
And that is just fine
Don't rush to be okay
Grief has a funny way 
Of controlling everything 
Your Soul knows the pain
Your heart wreaks the stains of Her absence
Your senses long for Her presence
Your body craving Her affections
Your mouth watering for the seasonings of Her nutrients 
She may not be as you once known Her to be in the present
She is everywhere 
But is and will forever be the present
The Gift of God you were born to
The onliest one that completely understood you
Her prescient is what leaves the perplexed
God always knows and is in control
So look to the Heavens for the answers to all your questions 
Talk softly and She will forever answer loudly
The mere beating of your heart
Is the blessing of your Mother

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