This Shit Ain't for the Weak Minded

This shit is not for the weak minded.
Life will give you the joys that made you feel good
Most of the time in the moment
Then take your ass on a ride you didn't know you were on
Bullshit will grab your ass by the throat
Put you in a choke hold
Trying to gasp for breath and maybe allow you to get some relief
Take a deep one
You betta get a move on
Cause the gut punches only cease but for so long
The next trip is up next
Is it a better hit... better shit... or miss
You getting on or learned ya lesson
Less you need more pain to understand
That this shit ain't for the weak minded
You going? Or is you good?
Shit accepted today don't have to be the shit accepted tomorrow
New day, better shit on the rise
Get you some better shit...
Knowing shit turns
Turn it for ya good
Throwing back a drink slowly knowing...
That You ain't for the weak minded!

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