Crying Sins

After receiving a text message in the mist of the hurt

All I saw was the word Vote 🗳 ...

Voting has never changed anything from my viewpoint

Voting then what remains the same is the disappoint

We are encouraged to vote

Vote for change you want to see

Vote because your life depends on it

Vote Vote Vote

Civic duty to Vote

My vote, will it count?

My Vote, will it matter?

I voted before… well what’s the matter?

As long as my skin; 

the skin of my Family; 

the skin of my Son, 

is the complexion and complexity it is, in this country...

I'm at the whims of those in total control that find that My skin less appealing and or not valuable when not enslaved and not controlled.

This Country is not free for me, to me.

This Country comes at a cost that my skin has to bare. 

This Country mandates a price for my skin valued - deemed an amount figuratively completely less than the rate of a bottle of my same melanin used to heal others that don't care about that same melanin in my skin!

WOW... who would have thunk it

That the melanin stolen from those here, those forced here, those enslaved here, those burned and killed alive here, those thrived and thriving here... are still not wanted or appreciated here.

Derived from African heritage 

Of Native American heritage 

Of most Hispanics heritage 

Of most Mexican heritage 

Of most Indian heritage

Of some Chinese heritage 

Are VALUED less than the bottled $367 MELANIN sold that WE were born with naturally.

A crying shame of the ancestors and those fighting the fight for justice we just cannot see 


no we are not blind; 

But the justice is currently in the hands of those blinded by hatred and fear that the inevitable will happen regardless...

By 2050 it's so deemed that more than 50% of the US population will have melanin, wonder then will

We be valued?

Valued with the integrity, respect earned and deserved with human rights?

I guess in the meantime I will vote and have to survive to see...



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