Same Boat, High Waters

The beat of the words
Understanding the struggles
Understanding the loneliness
May not be alone today but
Yesterday I knew that feeling oh too well
Understanding the hatred from others
Understanding the jobs that never turn to careers
Understanding being entrepreneurial and the struggles it comes with

I Understand how no one else seems to understand because they either are not going through it
Or they just do not even care

I Understand wanting to do so much and there is never enough time ...
Enough money ...
Enough energy ...
Enough motivation ... self motivation or not 
Sometimes it is a struggle
Struggles are really real
The struggle becomes a story to tell 
Highlighting once you manage to get through it all
To have another chapter with another what - the - fuck -ever story to go with that
Am I going mad?
No, its just the shit called life!

We have to live through it all
The grief.
The misery.
The agony.
The struggle.
The pain.
The depression.
The tiredness.
The loneliness.
The attitudes.
The righteous calling you sinner.
The being misunderstood.
The asshole effect and because of moments.
The mood swings.
The losts. 

It is life's cycle. 
Round and Round it fucking goes
Just different points of affliction in between to play the antagonists.
Same boat over fucking high waters
You will crash on a wave to have another one smack you into another one
Mouth full of salty ass bitter ass water
Try not swallow 
Just do not fucking drown
Ride the wave
Until the waves calm the fuck down

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