Isolation at its finest
Fighting with a muthafuking virus

Isolation at its finest
Fighting with a muthafuking virus
Nasties coughing and wheezing 
Ain’t cover not one mouth 
Talking bout it’s the season
No its you big Nasty
And I not offering no compliments
I’m talking about you spreading that pandemic 
Person to person 
You don’t know how to wash your hands after your bathroom use
I hear you
Flush and keep it moving
Just Nasty
Yeah you
Sneezing in the air… no muffled sound
Why… cause you ain’t covered your mouth
Hoarse ass cough… dry ass cough… smokers cough
Did I say I wanted the smoke… no I did NOT!
And you don’t even smoke
You didn’t cough into your arm, not even a handkerchief
Just spreading your nasty little germs
Think about your own Mom getting sick 
We all just trying to live
Go into the world 
To survive and move on
Do what we want to do individually 
And as a community 
But now we can’t at the moment 
I’m just trying to live
Just trying to breathe normally
Now I’m walking around covered from head to toe
Looking like a in place robbery 
Weather hot then cold but still
Cause you wouldn’t keep your sick ass at home
The whole world in this coronasoliation
Some of us with family
Some of us alone
We are in this together… YES...
But still keep your ass at home
So the world can heal
So we can soon get back to a better tomorrow 
For real
Till next time 
I still love ya
God got us all!

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