This is how much I care πŸ‘€

So co-working situations

THEM: Weird announcements
             Quiet confessions
             Awkward laughs
Muted vigence
Staring curiously
Intuitive chatters
            Messy workspaces
            Boring assembles 
            Picture perfect(s)
Credentified acknowledgements
Coveted lanyards 
Smirked accomplishments 
          Over-embellished emails/phone conversations
          Silenced glances
          What to do next appearances 

ME:   I’m sorry 😐… what were you saying?? πŸ‘€
         I was staring out the window remembering what comes on TV tonight…

THEM: Begins again…

ME: in their mid-sentence… I have to use the restroom… walks around for 20 minutes. πŸ˜‚ 

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