Strong Breaks

Check on that strong friend
That strong strong friend
The one that has been with you thru every end

They may too be going thru something
They may be at that breaking point
That last straw, that they feel like they cant take no more

Check on them!
Call them, let them hear your concern
That might make them back off that extension

Let them know that they are just as loved
Yes you may have just gotten off the phone
Telling them all your problems
They listened and comforted in your time of need
Do the same

Giving your ear is not always enough
Let them see something positive in the box
Send your love in the mail
Gesturing is more than a thought, its real
Hear them out
Don’t rush their thought
They are not use to sharing
And may not know the words to expressing

Give a moment..
Give the peace of mind with your involvement
Give a hug
Give the most, show your love
If it is too serious for you, recommend they call a professional
If they are unable to do it themselves, call for them

Strong is a state of mind
Strong is also a state of physicality
However, strong needs a break before strong breaks
Strong needs frequent check ups
Strong can grow weak
Strong will be weak if everyone lends and depends on them
And they have no one to lend and depend on
You should want to keep them strong
And they can continue to be strong for you.


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