Car. by. Accident.

This is a Flash Back. The simplest of things teaches us the lessons that prepare you for whats to come.

Behind the wheel of this automobile
Being the driver but never really in control
No matter the money I've invested
A part always malfunction
Time for some rotors and brakes
Window wipers needing to be replaced
Tires threading low low
Lights just flicker oh no...
Plenty of elbow grease gives just enough shine
People often tell me how better theirs are than mine
Named my vehicle The Turtle
Maybe because she be The Truth
We get to the same places, slower behind the others
Bought it old but to me, she was brand new
Always get me where I need to be
She smokes at times but still quiet as kept
She letting others be aware of our presence
My car has taught me many lessons
Don't need to be brand new or shiny
Don't have to be a brut or the prettiest
Listen and then let them hear
My point of View
I am the driver of my life
This road is not always paved
And my signal is not always on right
I make noise only when I need to
Cause my muffler was made for me not you
My windows wipers only need to work in the front

When the rain comes, we can see
The rear view mirror is to see what's behind me
And my visors to block the sun
My shades are to help me keep my cool and look cool
To calm my nerves, I SING ALONG to my radio tunes
I wave thank you to those I cut off
And hold my tongue when I am wronged
My car goes the speed I push her to
And slows me down even when I don’t want to
She takes her time at the lights
Letting the last minute runners go right on by

No accidents
She is heavy and hearty to protect my cargo
Special, precious cargo
For this I am so grateful
My seats give comfort no matter the weather
When I need a nap, my seats recline all the way back
She can fit comfortably five or six
No matter the size or weight
A to Z is what I ask for
Now that I think about it, same as God asks of me
Weird to think my car, my teacher
Now, I laugh on my way to the bank
Did I mention, she's been paid for...
And keep paying me
06.02.2013 (10.12.2018)
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