Explosions happen
Clear skies rain sparkle color drops
Crowds cheer in amazement
Rejoicing encouraged
Lives changing as each sparkle explodes in the sky
A bright gleamy ring
A couple engaged.
Sundresses and linen pants
Eyes engage.
A breakup on the verge happening
Newly fired broke guy with lint-in pockets
Showcase of New kicks and pocketbooks walking the streets like runways
Jewels and fat wallets enhanced
Who to stick up, Shortcoming for me turn into dividends from you bout to add up
Babies being born into a world with good and evil
Mother thinking bout more medicine and posting on social media
Father running trying to get into some holiday gut
Leaving his wifey with her own mother
Damn now that’s fucked up
Families spent their last on that gathering
Cookout was off the chain though
Food finger licking good too
But didn’t even get they own ribs and steak
All the food wrapped in foiled plates
Alcohol -all of it getting drunk
Who brought what…but us...what the fuck
Kids happy to see the works in the sky
All the bang bang banging adding to their hoophollaring
Wanting to set fires to their own screamers
Kiddie you’ll burn your finger
But watch Daddie light this firework that’s illegal
Who holiday is this?
The “Great Agains” make sure not to give the entire show only a mist
They want to feel on top again
Majority to your broke asses
Take your money in taxes and shoot your kin
Gleams and Streams of light
Fireworks like Fireflies in the Sky
Not a star in sight
Somebody gonna cry tonight
Action over
Cut this bitch off
Gotta get out of park first
Car was clean CLEAN
Outfit was on fleek
Decent shoes on the feet
Money well spent
Showcase of a sucker complete
Ate real good
Good sex in hope
Checked empty pockets but nope
But most is like me
Broke Broke Broke
Hookups maybe still possible
Looking like money
Anything possible
Got you intrigued
What’s under those jeans
We can do what’s free
What that mouth do
Surprise for you
Gotta end the night right
Pockets fitting kind of tight
Them fireworks was just alright
But not enough to excite
Got some other explosions for you tonight
Gonna cost you, you know right
Just like them fireworks you liked in the Sky
Bang Bang Muthafucking Bang

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