People disappoint me sometimes
In the end, they were meant to for me to recognize
How flawed we all are
And how everything is only temporary
Even those I thought I loved
Friends, Family, Celebrities, all fell off
Alcohol, drugs, sex, gaming, sleep heads, retail therapy
Exercising, clubbing, social media, praying lead by the almightys
All different but the same with me included
Finding a damn mechanism to just cope
Something to give some fucking hope
To this flawed life we all got to live
We all don’t do the same but what’s the greater sin
You say this… I say that… neither of us win
Anything is excessive is just that excessive
When it comes to searching for whatever to ease our souls
Ease our minds
And for what... to past the time
Over indulging in a few things
One sin is all it takes to make you forget
But the more the merrier… Ha!  
Forgetting in the moment...what pain was I in?
What problems do I have?
What bills I can’t pay?
What family I can’t stand?
What friends I have lost?
What jobs I have quit and those I have passed on?
What kids that suck me dry with no thank yous?
What trips I can’t travel to?
What jewelry on me that never shines?
What clubs I can’t get into cause I don’t do VIP lines?
What drugs that never you high enough?
What sex that never lasts long enough?
What exercises that never makes you lost weight?
What food that I knew I couldn’t afford that I just ate?
What clothes and kicks I want that just sold out?
None of it is real!
It’s all a show to make you ignore what’s being stolen
What’s most important
Can’t get back the time you have lost
Living in the nonsense of imaginary-reality
I’m not the one to judge and not to tell you not to indulge
Just beware of the time lost
Years you can’t get back
The damage gained and for what?
Still realizing we all are flawed
No longer judging the person next to me
Because they might be the one to judge me too
We both asking but Who are you to judge me?
We the same thrill seekers...
Looking for something to pass the time
Cause we are all flawed
Oh well, thinking again
We only got this one life to live
I toast this drink to the good life and the world
Draw on this cigar
Twirl in my new clothes
Snap a pic for the Gram
Tagging all my fake friends
Hope you find in your heart to toast me back
Cause I fucks with you!
If not I got three words for you...
Fuck you too!
Cause I fucks with you!

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