Dear Kanye

Dear Kanye,
People down you, despise you ---hey that an individuals' provocative.  Not everything you say and do I agree with nor even try to defend but imma realist and this is my two cents...
I see a genius that needs an Auntie's Hug... a Grandma's talk... a Sister's let's go for a ride... a Cousin's yo Fam it will be alright... a fans' support beyond your moment!  We have all lost someone who means much to us and it was hard to recover if we have even recovered at all. We have all been scared at the an almost fatal incident with ourselves or those we love... we all rant and rave and vent... we all have our moments of weakness...we all sometimes know our worth and feel unappreciated!  It's life for some I guess--some others have it made.
That is why I know that my friend circle is small!  That is why I know I love my family beyond words because they are a phone call away!  That is why My Mother told me to choose My true friends wisely and Thank God for them!  Your music will continue to get played and people will sing along even those who speak knowing all the words because people love a great bandwagon to jump on.  Funny but ✌🏽️ to them!  Instead of being the person to help a person up, they will kick you when you down.  "No one person should have all that power" to speak bad about another person until that look in the mirror gave the justice to do so 👀!  So with that said Mr. @KanyeWest, I look up to you and you need to get yourself together and treat others how you want them to treat you.  Choose your words wisely because they cannot be erased!  Get your health together your children and family need you. The people you employ need you!   I will say with the disappointment of the recent weeks, I am sure that you will make your actions of the future over-shadow those!  #DayOneFan

If you don't agree continue  keep going pass and not push like like you been doing 😁✌🏽️

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