Skin like Huni

Skin like Huni
Smile like the sun
My taste is so amazing
Wondering how to get you some?

Said it slow enough?
Hope you read my lips
Don't get distracted too easily
By my lipdip shine and the curve of my hips

I seen you notice my swag
Are my jeans too tight, making you sweat
My breasts too perky, you know you can't handle it
You secretly wishing I would be the best you NEVER had
Laughing out loud cause this is hilariously sad

Dream on Dreamer
Want to see me, just blink
See what you want to imagine, just think
Skin like the Huni
Hips wide like a river
Lips so sweet
Touch me, you can never
Dream on Dreamer

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Anonymous said…
I'm dreaming.....

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