Dancing to my Heart

Sounds are coming nearer and louder
Louder and nearer are the sounds
Hearing the sound of someone else’s heart beating is intoxicating, making me want to dance.

Dancing to the faint melodies of trap and Rhythmic Blues. 
Who would have even knew
The sound not too loud but enough for me to hear it
Jamming and trying to get on key
Studying the sound and moving my body to the beat
Suddenly my heart joins in to become one
Dancing to the sound of two beats, one song
In my own space and time
Never realizing the other heart skipped a beat
Then mine was beating alone
Looking in the direction of the initial bass drop
No sound
My own begun to slow down
Dancing to the sound of one heart beat is sometimes harder than dancing to the sound of your own.
Maybe because you never know when the other person decides to leave your song alone…

#dancingheartbeats #onedance #soulfuleyez 



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