Are you toxic or know someone that may be toxic?

Have you brought anyone’s mood down?

Are you a pessimist?

Are you making someone full of anixety?

Do you make someone question paths within each other's lives? 

Do our friendship only benefit you lately?

Does it appear that Someone has begun to distance themselves from your negativity you bring into their lives?

Do they make attempts to apologize or make excuses for your ill behaviors?

Is it possible, you are taking your past out on a person that cares in your present life?

May it be so, that you are about to lose a benefitical person in your life because of your bad attitude?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you may be TOXIC to someone you know and love! 

These toxicisms make a person second think your purpose...your reason to be in their circle. Your purpose for wanting to invade their space with your potential not so good intents. Whether intentional or not, they are still your actions and personalities traits. 

To make this person for me and also the person you are being TOXIC towards…I may have begun to deal with you with a long handled spoon and you have yet to figure that out. Don't blame me… Blame yourself! 

Your lack of control for being negative in the slightest of ways will cause your losses to be the most detrimental to your life.  The smallest things matter the many times have we heard that!  You lose because of your attitude!  Your mother told you one day your attitude was going to get you into trouble.  We all have character flaws but negativity is not such a good one to possess. Good luck with that but I am allergic. Keep those toxic ways to yourself, thanks! 

#areyoutoxic #soulfuleyez


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