Same Line

Same Line Just a Different Day
Same words just said a different way

The line has never changed-oh no it hasn't
However this thought it differently
And thought my response would not end up in laughter
When you said your infamous line,
I am guessing it was suppose to be real
I am guessing that I was suppose to understand how you feel
How your life has been affected
How your emotions have been directed
How your thoughts thought you knew what was right
But what your thoughts forgot to tell you was that you don't control MY mind
Your thoughts forgot to tell...You don't control my heart
I mean what I have said and it is all about the principle.

You had a chance to have a voice
Instead you did you and remained silent
Now that you are on mute and you want me to listen???!
I have heard everything you said but my response is not up for reasoning
Your words fall on deaf ears
A cold and harden heart
Tears no longer run down this cheeks
No Red Sea to part
I continue to face you
Cause my back you never had from the start
So lets move on
Moving on...

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