BFF or Best Friend For Now

BFF, terminology we use very frequently, but what does it mean
You marry and say "I'm marrying my best friend forever"
You have girl friends and guy friends that you call a best friend
Mothers, father, sisters, brothers, all viewed as BFF, but what does it mean

Best friend by definition is supposed to be the person whom is closest to you
One you can share your deepest inner secret
Never be judged
Not care if they tell you a little bit about yourself in the process

BFF are trustworthy, loyal, loving, understanding, caring, all the ING's......

When the BFF terminology is used loosely
Does it really carry the same value????
Knowing the person would go to hell and heaven and back again is a true BFF
When you second guess if a person is truly a BFF or Best Friend For Now, its time for a revision of the definition.

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