Circle in the sand

Circle in the sand

I drew a circle in the sand
Around my little band
Incase the circle needs to be remeasured
It can be done easily with a simple jester
Without stress or mishap
Quickly and without remorse
Ask yourself are you in or out
You know on which side you stand--in or out

I drew a circle in the sand
I drew it with a dependable stick
One I can lend on if I'm alone, I use that same stick 
There are moments I see no one for miles
That is absolutely fine
As I walk with my stick and my peeps
I still feel the warmth underneath my feet
Knowing the Lord is near me
He brought about each of you 
My lttle circle is still around as a protective barrier
My little band is made of rubber 
Come for me 
You might find yourself bounced into history

I drew a circle in the sand
Around my little band
They are my day ones
And no it was never easy
We cried together
We have laughed together
We have had each other backs
When they talked about we
We protected one another
We listened even when nothing made sense
We say real recognized the real
And we are real enough
And that is what matter most
We may not be around every moment
Then is when we use our drawing sticking
We never allow place holders in our absence
They confuse things and mess up the rhythm
Imposters not wanted
The band is not looking for replacements



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