Precious Commodity

You think it is easy being in love with you?
You think that it is that simple to give you all you need?
You think love sits around waiting on you don’t you?
You think that you can get what you need when you need it?
You think all appears at the snap of your fingers?
You believe that you are all that matters?
How selfish you are.
You don’t believe you are selfish do you?
You are too!
When do you treat someone other than yourself as a precious commodity?
You want everything at your beckoning call.
But you treat everything as if it doesn’t matter…or don’t exist at all.
How would that make you feel?
You probably don’t even care. Or is that a fake persona?
If all that you treat nonchalantly disappears,
What would you do to get it back?
Would you do anything or allot of something?
Answer these questions with your heart and leave your coldness somewhere else.
Don’t loose what matters because you try act like it doesn’t matter.

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