I get emotional every time. The words never formulate appropriately because I truly feel it should never happen to be able to speak about.

I am not a person of bias thoughts, I truly believe what you do is what you do-->as long as it doesn't affect me or my world. However; this affects me, particularly my world. I am blessed to be an American, an American of many nationalities.

When a person happens to notice my complexion outside of my conversation...the judgement begins.  I have been asked what is my race...does it matter? I have asked is that all your hair...does it matter?  I have been asked what are your parents exactly...but why? Why are you so concerned...are you willing to answer your own questions first and wait on my response as if it matters?

Have you ever asked yourself why do you hate the next person so much... What did they do that offended you so badly?  We are human, all born to a mother...are our rights to life not the same? 

We all have love for something, dreams and ambitions, emotions and having to face reality.  I am aware that this open letter will not change much but maybe encourage one person to ask the question.  Why is my right different than yours?  To be honest it's not or it least it does not suppose to be...  #dontshoot



#soulfuleyez #stoptheviolence #weareallHUMANS


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