What We Mean...

We both have had our struggles.  And we both know nothing is perfect.  We know that passing judgements doesn't help any situation.  We know we laugh to keep from crying. We know pain we smile through as we disguise it. We know the shoes we walk in we would gladly sometimes trade in for a new pair. We know there are those times when we feel like the shoes just repair. We are fixers. We cant help it. We give our hearts unconditionally. We know at times what we get bavk is not the same. We hold strong. We pray. We pick ourselves up, dust off the dirt and start back on our intended way. We are survivors. We go thru things but who we are remains. We are love. We are the peace. We are me. We are we. We move on to another day. We start knowing "despite" this day it is not the same as yesterday.  We will be okay. We will be fine. We know in our hearts and our minds. We will be fine. We means You have me and I have you. This story line will never change- We have each other no matter.



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