16 Years, 3 Months, 23 Days, 20 Hours

16 years of unconditional affection
Time didn’t wait for us, time went on
Still admiring our beatification, we still have our looks
But how long do looks last?
Temptations ran deep, lust was not a status
So love we fell into, wonderful passion
No temporary situation

3 additional months of real love
No sense in searching round, none more bona fide than us
Compassion, realism, honesty
Giving you more than all of me
Pride in being your 36/10
36 more ways than the average, 10 more time saying Baby let’s do it again

23 endless days
Not feeling the least bit trapped in locked heart’s maze
No clocks to remind us of time
Finishing each other’s sentences, sequenced rhymes
Feeling heartbeats staring in each other’s eyes

20 minutes since i said yes, love me
Cause I love me some you
Every moment shared 
Another moment we cant spare
Closing our eyes gently
Opening quickly to see you again, smiling happily
Saying softly
Thank you.


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