Delete Doesn’t Work

When you say something you knew you would regret, can’t delete it, can’t even take it back
Delete doesn’t work

When you go too far with conversation, delete won’t get you out this one
Delete doesn’t work

When your hands go where they just don’t belong,

When you know you said “I DO” and you decide to get a piece of the devil’s food- Delete button can’t get you out that crude

When you think those passwords will protect your secret thoughts-
delete may work but---then again

When you are one way in someone’s face - then you think they turned the back’s to really see that’s not the case- cant delete

When you know your actions are foolery – no undoing
Delete button becomes a mockery

When you think cause you travel miles away- no one knows that its you- HA!
It’s a small world after all

When you think you have conned us all- deleting your way through and having a ball

Delete is counter-acted by the undo button and your control well is out of your control

Delete should not be a tool to get your way out of something- being honest because honestly delete means nothing--T.R.U

Just think while you are pushing delete, who is pushing delete on you?

Because you thought you deleted it doesn’t mean it didn’t happen
Because you thought you deleted it meant you intended for no one to never find out
Because you thought you deleted it doesn’t mean that picture was taken,
Destroyed something special, only lens focused on the tainted
Because you thought you deleted it you accidently pushed forward instead
Tricks on you,  your truth has been said!

09.20.2012© Google+on


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