Funny Way of Showing You Something…

It is okay to be calm
Deep breath in settle down
Feeling surrounded
Looking from the middle of the ocean and land turns out to be all around you

 The Moon peaks out in broad day light
Surprise giving a bit extra moonlight
Glazing at the amazing
From a distance it is so small
Getting bigger and closer to us as night falls

The Sun on the other side
Competing with the moon light
They are both out and shining bright
Wanting us to know how they care so they come to sight
Calming the waters under them
And the sparkles shining like gems 

One King to rule
One Sun to guide
One is the number
One Leader, many followers

Setting Sun almost gone
Long drive home
Colors are amazing
Watching a movie called Beautification
Getting closer to a destiny
Arrival - Ecstasy

God arms extend
Reaching not to blend
Clouds gasp at his presence
Earth swallowing his Heavenliness

08.08.2012© Google+on


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