The Bells are ringing, hear the gorgeous sounds
Guests finding their best dressings all around town
Looking their best is desired for the occasion
Wishing the Bride and Groom success on their vows
Seeking prefect presents reflecting the happiness felt
The Union under God, become the One, Stay the One
Keep the Lord in your relationship, Father and The Son
The I Do’s you speak should never be words to just mumble
Say them with feelings and meaning that are unlimber
As we witness a joining of pure dedication
Love is definitely in the air, blessings flow condensation
The faces of the crowd share a sight of beauty
A man confessing his love for his one and only
His Wife, his rib, the One vowed to protect and provide for
The bride blushed with pride and excitement
Knowing her family and friends her dream wedding witnessed
She says her words strong and effortless
Knowing they’re coming from a place from deep within
The man chosen to administer the unification
Enforcing to keep the Lord forever in their presence
You may now kiss your Bride
Silence is heard, then a grasp,
Then the praise, then claps
Introducing Mr and Mrs to the World



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