Window Dreaming

Staring at the cars from my office window
making way up the hill, with my eyes i follow
i have a slight frown as my eyes dry from not blinking
why work so many days and off so few, really has me thinking
i need to takeover this fort or start my own
Some start-up money,few good brains, where is my phone!!
i got some calls to make
Create a business plan for God sake
everything been stored in my head
time to get it out, get it written down, time to get out the red
and into some Green
not just for me and my family
But bring along a few friends that had a dream
Ones that were told No just like me
everything started from a dream, a thought, a notion
get rich quick off working for someone else potion
didnt work in my life
Now i am trying to get things right
Stop being told what to do
Have partners, do equal ventures, have someone ask---who would have knew
i knew today when i stared at that window
watching cars go away from me, my brains, my know hows, everything i know.
i have to get up, get out and do something
Cant let my LIFE pass me by,
I have to get up, get out and do something
Cant let everyone else, go SKY HIGH
i am not just a window dreamer
i am going to succeed, will succeed, must succeed!


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