i am alone

you could be surrounded by people
you could have a huge family
you could have a spouse and children
with all of that, you can still be lonely
i must admit. i am alone, with billions in the world, i am lonely
no one to talk to, no one to confide in
no one to laugh at my jokes, no one to cry with
no one to go to the mall, window shop with me. i got a blackberry with no one to call
i just called to say (wait a second, i got a call ya'll)
" hey mommie, when you coming home"
that about the only call i get
not here to look for pity
just here to find someone like me
be like at&t reach out and contact me
Got blackplanet, facebook, messenger (yahoo and live)
i got AIM, verizon, gmail even hotmail.
Dibbed and dabbed with myspace
i am caring, sharing, and tell the truth
i am real honest, hardworking
striving to be the best i can be
i have two degrees i am a mother, i am a wife
yes i still deserve a life
i am trying to get out
do things to find people that can do other things than go to a club or get drunk
i can get crunk with some hot tea
you do you, imma do me
i am humorous, i wanted a friend (God-sent) that understands me
so i am no longer lonely

Mz. Joya


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